I Heard This: Steely Dan's Countdown to Ecstasy

Show biz, stubbies, and "My Old School."


Heard: Steely Dan's Countdown to Ecstasy
When: Last night
Where: My living room
Thoughts: I usually go right for Aja, so I can play the title track's drum part along with Steve Gadd*, and sing backup on "Peg" with Michael McDonald. But, for some reason I went right for this gem last night. I've completely fallen back in love with it. It was one of those times when I was planning to multi-task, but found myself just soaking in the record.
Four quick notes:

1. "Show Biz Kids" is one hell of a tune.
2. I never knew until yesterday that the late great Ray Brown plays "string bass" on "Razor Boy."
3. I'd like to hear My Morning Jacket cover "My Old School."
4. I couldn't help but notice that in the picture on the back of the jacket (above), everybody's favorite Doobie Brother/couterterrorism expert Jeff "Skunk" Baxter is sporting not only his signature handlebar mustache, but an Olympia Beer t-shirt! Do you think they had Oly stubbies in the studio when making this record?

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