Foreign moments in music video history

Polish electro-punk group Masskotki doesn't cast the prettiest people... and they're all horny.

"Brutalny Erotyzm" by Polish Electro-Punk outfit Masskotki

The Plot: A spin-off on the classic 'this is what porn might look like, were it made with haggard-looking middle-aged Polish people wearing red coveralls.'
The Moment of Brilliance: 1:53: Old guy gets the hot pink feather boa from the disinterested stripper. Old guy sits and dances.
The YouTube review: (by maciektix): ogien z dupska:)) wypas!!
Why You Didn't See it on VH1: VH1 (and, by proxy, the American media in general) is run by ethnocentric bastards.
Side Note Worth Noting: Even as a half-German, half-David Hasselhoff-loving woman, I felt extremely dirty after watching this. And not in a good way.

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