Foreign moments in music-video history

Absurdity by way of Bollywood is the new black.

Baharon Phool Barsao (Suraj), by Mohammed Rafi

The Plot: N/A. It's literally just a still photo of this Indian dude the entire time.

The Moment of Brilliance: 4:34, when it officially becomes the most Critical-Theory-ready music video in the history of the entire world.

The YouTube Review: (by PakMuslima) "Slm, Mazaa ageya after long time ek ainsa old pure song sun ney se ... koyi mujhe plz eh batasakta hai k kisney yeh wala song sing kiya hai "duniya se janey waley janey chaley jathey hai kahan" ek old song"
Do I need to say more? Perhaps: (by mumtazchangezi): "Mohammad Rafi will live in the hearts of millions for a long long time. He was matchless. He paved the path for urdu songs. He was a milestoe and the standarad to which all other Indian and Pakistani singers tried and still try to reach. It is sad he died so young. Just imagine how many millions would be ready to donate blood if Rafi sahib needed it."

Why you didn't see it on VH1: VH1 (and, by proxy, the American media in general) is not run by grad students with a grasp of Benjamin, the absurd or Critical Theory--it's run by ethnocentric bastards.

Side note worth noting: Despite this music video's lack of any elements typically associated with a music video--i.e., motion, and after 4:34, sound itself--it's still been viewed 52,496 times and "Favorited" 384 times. This proves my theory that a) Germans love the Hoff, and b) a lot of people live in India--some of whom have internet access. And, as such, even if you put up some crap on YouTube, if it's related to India, you're still going to get roughly a billion views.

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