Foreign moments in music video history

Malkit Singh, do your thing!

"Mittran De Ki Beetdi" by Malkit Singh

The Plot: Man meets woman, woman meets man. Both dream about each other fruitlessly. Peppers are eaten.

The Moment of Brilliance: The weird, white tourists in that bus. The people walking and riding their bicycles in breezy pants and flip-flops below.

The YouTube Review: (by sunny g44) i love this song long life to malkit singh tenu ki alrey samjaye mitra tey ki beet de peace

Why you didn't see it on VH1: VH1 (and, by proxy, the American media in general) is run by ethnocentric bastards.

Side notes worth noting: Last December, my trip back from India was delayed for a few days, so Air India put me up in this posh hotel in Mumbai that had cable and A/C. It felt extremely decadent. I fell asleep watching one of India's 10 music video channels (at least--they have a million of everything over there) and woke up in the middle of the night to this very video. I'm almost certain it was filmed entirely in Delhi, where I'd begun my trip; at the end, those small towers looming behind him are the Gates of India. Also: You can't kiss on TV in India (though they have explicit directions on how to hump in tons of their temples), so the sexual tension and contact is relayed through feeding each other fruit. This proves my theory that a) Germans love David Hasselhoff, and b) I should probably just move to India.

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