Punk Rock Solstice

Courtesy Of The New York Times!

Ray Pettibon.jpg

Today, the New York Times op-ed page celebrated the first day of Summer by running the beautiful illustration shown above. I'm not sure how many NY Times readers would make the connection, but it was done by one of my favorite artists of all time, Raymond Pettibon. Why is this on a music blog, you ask? Well, Pettibon's real last name is Ginn. That's right! He's the brother of Greg Ginn, founder of Black Flag. This piece is somewhat uncharacteristic of Pettibon. Most of his work tends to be a bit overtly violent and comic-like, as anyone familiar with Black Flag would know. He did most of their flyers, and the covers for Nervous Breakdown and Six Pack, among many others. He even designed the "Four Bars" logo the band is identified with. Total mad-genius freak, but one hell of a disciplined and talented guy. This page has a ton of images to check out, if you're interested. If I had the money, I'd have a whole house full of his work.

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