Last call for Pretty Girls.

pretty girls make graves.jpg

Tomorrow at Neumo's is your last chance to catch local Matador darlings Pretty Girls Make Graves- as Amy posted earlier this week, the late show is still sold the eff out, but tickets for the early 5 p.m. show are still available according to Neumo's booker Steven Severin.

Some members won't be offstage for long- catch bassist Derek Fudesco on the same stage on June 20th with his Cave Singers (who also found a home on Matador) with a potential Andrea Zolo guest appearance on the washboard. Nick Dewitt will showcase his talents with Night Canopy (his new project with Amy Blaschke) at the Triple Door on June 21st as they open for Rocky Votolato. As for guitarist Jay Clark and keyboardist Leona Marrs, it's surely just a matter of time.

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