Last Night: Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi at Tulalip Amp


Last Night: Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi at Tulalip Amp

Husband, wife, and a "Soul Serenade."

  • Last Night: Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi at Tulalip Amp

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    Click the photo for a slideshow of the concert. Photos by Chris Kornelis.

    Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi
    June 21, 2007
    Tulalip Ampitheatre
    Better Than:
    String Cheese Incident, Widespread Panic, and Jonny Lang

    Wonderful, strange show.

    Everything I was looking for: Tedeschi's soulful, powerful pipes taking down her favorite covers, like the Stones' "You've Got the Silver," and Trucks firmly planted with an expressionless smirk (think about it), while he builds suspense between bent notes better than anyone in the business.

    I still think Trucks' vocalist, Mike Mattison is all wrong for the group, and I was disappointed when I saw that he showed up. He's forcing that raspy soul, and next to the effortless way Trucks sings through the fret board, he ruins it for me, even could-be-great moments like "Soul Serenade."

    Personal Bias: Watching Derek Trucks think is better than most rock shows could ever be.
    Random Detail: I was surprised to find out that Tedeschi seriously draws the smooth jazz crowd. By the Way: The last time I saw Trucks and Tedeschi perform together was in Moscow, Idaho, at a stank club called John's Alley that serves dollar Pabst. The Coors went for $6 tonight. Trucks is definitely a $1 Pabst kind of draw, and the hippies in the crowd weren't quite sure what to make of the amphitheater in a box that it was. IMG_3401.jpg

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