CSS: All ages at Neumo's

I guess this term includes 5-year-olds?

Maybe I shouldn't complain because I could very well be in this situation some day, but here goes: last night's show at Neumo's--CSS playing as a part of Noise for the Needy--was fine. Just fine. It was fun, and everyone looked as though they'd just come from shooting a jazzercise video starring Debbie Gibson. I couldn't remember the last time I'd seen so many off-the-shoulder tops, sequins, flashy scarves and leggings. Fabulous!

And the all-ages bit? Great! I can only handle so many drunks at once. The teenagers upfront were dancing more feverishly than the twenty-somethings in the back, and just as I was thinking, 'how great! what a mix!' my friend and I spotted a pair of women dragging a child through the crowd. A really young child.

"How old do you think she was?"
"5?" I guessed.
"Couldn't have been that old..."

I spotted no earplugs on the girl, and it was well after midnight. If they were trying some sort of nouveaux-'80s-fashion aversion therapy, well done. If they couldn't get a sitter in time--or just never thought to get one--that is indeed another story. I can't tell if this is just because I (sort of) hate kids, but is anyone else bothered by this? Are there any venues with minimum age policies or personal horror stories? Feel free to send 'em.

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