If any of you all are whining about feeling worn out from the week- you've got no leg to stand on compared to KEXP DJ


The Weekend Preview

Dinosaurs, horses and urine soaked denim.


If any of you all are whining about feeling worn out from the week- you've got no leg to stand on compared to KEXP DJ and Partman Parthorse bass player Rachel Ratner. In addition to everything else she's got going on, the girl was up at 4:30 a.m. this morning to sub for John Richards and is all set to play her heart out tonight with her band Partman Parthorse at SW's ongoing local music showcase at Easy Street. 

In this week's Short List Brian Barr says, "Partman Parthorse play post-punk dance music that’s more than a little informed by new wave. Frontman Gary Smith sings shamelessly sexed-up lyrics like “I got the body/I got the mind/No inhibition of any kind.” That’s some hot stuff right there, the kind that could quickly turn Easy Street into Sleazy Street." They take the stage at 8 p.m.

The War Room celebrates two years of multi-faceted club nights and margaritas on the roof deck tonight with new artwork by Obey giant Shepard Fairey and DJs Roam, DV One, and Shortkut (from the Beat Junkies) will be spinning for free. 

Sub Pop thrash rock band Pissed Jeans are at the Sunset- they're from Brian's home state of Pennsylvania, which gives him great insight to the bands creative source as he demonstrates in this week's feature: "If you grew up in some stupid town in Pennsylvania, like me, you can probably relate. Actually, if you grew up in some stupid town anywhere, you can probably relate. Punk rock like this is the direct by-product of living in working-class river towns where bad ideas, poor dope, and shit jobs all roll down the hillsides, creating a unique and ugly socioeconomic stew in the valley."

Dinosaur Jr. have reunited, have a new record out and are at the Showbox tonight- there are still tickets left. I wonder how many fans will come rockin their Dinosaur Jr. Nike dunks?  I still haven't taken mine out of the box.

In Fremont, Nectar's got Sol Illaquists of Sound with Rhymesayers' Grayskul opening- the triple threat of Oldominion members JFK, Onry Osborn and Rob Castro.  

In case you've been missing the Meat Puppets Cris and Curt Kirkwood, they're back in action on Saturday at the Crocodile after a long hiatus that (as we learned from Micael Alan Goldberg's Short List write up) included: Bassist Cris Kirkwood descending into hard-core heroin abuse, getting shot by a security guard during an altercation outside a post office, and subsequently spending 18 months in jail, where he finally got clean. Last year, he and singer-guitarist Curt reconciled after a decade of not speaking, and along with new drummer Ted Marcus recorded the Puppets’ forthcoming Rise to Your Knees.

Where will you be? 

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