Schoolyard Heroes Become BFF With Ultragrrl

The local band's new record will drop on August 28.


Precocious local punks Schoolyard Heroes have just inked a deal with the recently formed Stolen Transmission label. What the hell is Stolen Transmission, you ask? It's the new label founded by former SPIN columnist and frequent VH1 commentator Sarah Lewitinn, a.k.a. "Ultragrrl."

The label is putting out the band's third album, the John Goodmanson-produced Abominations on August 28, 2007. Their former label the Control Group will release a limited-edition 7" single- "Dude, Where's My Skin?" on June 19.

Our um, hometown heroes, will begin a national tour with the Horrors next week and return to Seattle to play El Corazon on June 22.

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