SASQUATCH! The Long Winters Hit the Big Time, Sort Of

Listen to a pair of live tracks from their set.


Listen to the band's performance of "Teaspoon."
Listen to "Hindsight."

With the last-minute cancellation of M.I.A., Sasquatch! peeps replaced the British rapper's set on the main stage with local indie darlings The Long Winters. For a band used to playing clubs, like The Showbox, it was a bit of a reach. But, even if the crowd thinned a bit up front for the set, plenty of onlookers could be seen singing along.

On the massive stage here in George, the band may have been a bit clumsy between songs, aided in no way by frontman John Roderick's well-meaning jokes. At any rate, the band sounded great, and were exceptionally appreciative, burning through a batch of cuts, leaning on the latest record, Putting the Days to Bed.

Oh, and yeah, just saw the Beastie Boys' instrumental set. The lounged out set was punctuated by at least one old standby. I'll tell more about it in later when I've got Renee's photos to go with the conversations. But, right now, gotta run to The Arcade Fire, and hide from Bjork.

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