Check out "Google Trend"

A handy tool for bands and music industry peeps.


The above chart represents the number of times that Anna Nicole Smith has been Googled in the past few years, clearly a spike in 2007 as the public went crazy over her untimely death. Google Trends, baby. A handy new Google created website that shows you if the rest of the world cares about your favorite topics.

Talk about a fun toy for the music industry! Are you in a band? Find out if people care about you! You can Google Trend yourself and see exactly how frequently your band has been googled, what regions like your band the most ("We are really big in Japan. No, seriously dude, go ahead and Google Trend us.") and during what time periods the media deemed you newsworthy. You can also compare bands popularity, which can get pretty interesting. Publicists and booking agents, this is going to make your jobs easier. How well will Mogwai do in Croatia? Probably pretty well. Go ahead and book 'em.

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