Grocery shopping is more fun when the Divorce's Garrett Lunceford is pushing the basket. Garrett and I met at Safeway and here's what's cookin':



Grocery Shopping with Garrett from the Divorce.


Grocery shopping is more fun when the Divorce's Garrett Lunceford is pushing the basket. Garrett and I met at Safeway and here's what's cookin':
The death of the Divorce, the start of a new band, and a whole lotta casserole.


AD: So what's in the basket?

GL:  Casserole stuff. A lot of veggies, I grabbed some black beans, kidney beans, some corn... A can of enchilada sauce, tofu, corn tortillas, soy milk, brown rice, green peppers, apples, cheese, onion, veggie stock, diced tomatoes. oh yeah, red lentils as well, I have a bag of those.

AD: You are making a casserole?

GL: A few of them I hope! I think I will be able to make three and a half. One of the recipes I have is supposed to be microwavable. I don't trust it.  
AD: So now that the Divorce broke up, you really have a lot of time to focus on your casseroles...

GL: Yeah, a lot of that and a lot of Six Feet Under and Deadwood these days.

AD: Everyone really freaked out when you guys broke up. Have people been hard on you guys or do people understand?

GL: You mean our small circle of friends? (laughs)  Most people that have asked had already heard something, so it was just verification. Everyone still hangs out and we're all still amazing friends.

AD: What is everyone from the band doing now? Musically, I mean.
Casserole making aside.

GL: Well I think some are thinking school, I know Shane and Kyle are doing an electro/pop project, Jimmy has something in the works with Michael L. from Lila and I'm still playing drums for the Catch and I've also got a weird rock n roll-ish thing.

AD: Weird rock n roll-ish. I love that description. What's the band called and who's in it?

GL: Daughters of Revolution. We're just in infantile stages, have a handful of songs and a few recordings that should be up on myspace soon. It's my good friend Chris Murakami, Jeremy White (formerly of Kane Hodder), Cameron Nicklaus of Pale Pacific, and Jimmy Curran-you know, Jimmy Jimmy.

AD: Jimmy "Divorce" Jimmy?

GL: Yeah, Jimmy Jimmy!

AD: Why do you say it is weird sounding? What is it like?

GL: Well... its just kind of like late 60s stoner rock mixed with some classic cowbell rock I guess. We're not trying to re invent the wheel or anything. I just want to have fun.

AD: And you are singing?

GL: Yeah, I'm trying to sing a little.

AD: Trying to!!!

GL: Yeah, I never have done anything like this before. Once in high school, but that was fucking awful.

AD: I think most things in high school can usually be described as awful.
Look at you now, all grown up, grocery shopping, home cooked meals.

GL: Oh, I need eggs. I have discovered, when re-heating casserole if you add one fried egg and throw a dash of turmeric and cayenne on each bowl it is really bad ass.

AD: You've gotta get your protien.

GL: Exactly, to make up for the lack of meat in the dish.

AD: So, are you strictly a Safeway man or do you party with QFC or Whole Foods ever?

GL: I do it all. I have no preference, just whoever has the best goods at best prices.

AD: I see. A thrifty musician. So when will Daughters of Revolution play their first show?

GL: That's a question. Maybe by the end of summer?

AD: The end of summer? That is so far away! You need to spend less time cooking and more time rocking.

GL: (laughs) I dunno, I'm just having fun right now, making casseroles, and playing stupid over the top rock.

AD: The American dream. Well, thanks for letting me grocery shop with you.

GL: Thanks for riding along in my cart.


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