Yep, it's true. After 5 years of booking the Sunset (one of my favorite joints in the country!), Kwab Copeland is moving on. Sad, sad,


Kwab Copeland Is Movin' On

Sad, but true.

Yep, it's true. After 5 years of booking the Sunset (one of my favorite joints in the country!), Kwab Copeland is moving on. Sad, sad, sad. Owner Max Genereaux made a smart move, however, by hiring Cops frontman/Sonic Boom record slinger/Mt. Fuji label owner/Sunset bartender Mike "Jaws" Jaworski to replace Copeland. Copeland's full message follows the jump. We'll miss ya, Kwab. And thanks to Hannah Levin for the tip.

Greetings everybody,

After 5 years of being The Sunset's head buyer/booker/promoter/cheese, I have decided it's time to move on. I am doing this with the full confidence and on the best of terms with Max & The Sunset. This has been an unbelievably difficult decision to make. I have been very blessed to work with so many amazing people: the staff at The Sunset, the agents and promoters, all the media folks, of course all of the fantastic artists that I have had the opportunity meet and to witness perform, and all the wonderful people I have met at shows etc...its been a dream, a trip and a complete honor! This would be the longest e-mail in the world if I attempted to list all of you, although I really wish I could. "Thank you" just doesn’t seem like enough to say sometimes, this is definitely one of those times. nonetheless, THANK YOU!


Over the next 3 months I will be helping to transition in The Sunset's new booker, Mr. Michael "Jaws" Jaworski. Many of you already know Mike from his band The Cops, his record label Mt. Fuji, his work behind the counter at Sonic Boom and at the door and bar of The Sunset. I am very happy with the decision to hire Mike as my replacement. I have known him for many years and I know for sure that Mike will continue the tradition of booking quality shows of a gigantic variety as well as bringing some much needed fresh enthusiasm to the position... Mike will be all set up with a new Sunset e-mail address etc. in the next week or so. I will send out another message when this is all set up and I am sure Mike will as well.


As for me, I'm not hanging up my booking hat entirely. The neglected record label I started in 2000 with Drew Church, Burn Burn Burn will have a new production division which I will head up called BURN BURN BURN MUSICAL ADVENTURES. BBBMA will be putting on shows around Seattle and elsewhere at various venues (including of course The Sunset). I am super excited about this because it means I will be able to concentrate my energy on a fewer amount of shows every month and really give these shows the attention they deserve. Please check out

to keep up on these productions and check in with your old friend, Kwab

In addition, I will be booking this year's Seattle Weekly Reverb Festival and the Free Ballard! party at SXSW 2008

I will also be working on the record label division of the record label, which has some mind-blowing releases coming out (including For Whom THE BELTHOLES! by the world's greatest band THE BELTHOLES!). I'll also playing music with lots of people, working on my house, and kicking it with the world's greatest kid Juniper Simone Copeland and the world's greatest wife Angie.

Inevitably, I will also be looking for a new Jobby-Job, perhaps in the music biz, perhaps something entirely different, I guess we shall find out. If anyone has any leads on anything in the Jobby-Job dept., please pass it along, I would be very grateful.

Again, thank you all for everything

Keep On Chooglin

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