Dance With Me, Seona

One brilliant comedian's unforgettable musical past.

ricky-gervais-now.jpg Ricky Gervais, the star and creator of BBC's The Office and HBO's Extras has proved to be one damn fine singer. Need physical proof? "Free Love Freeway," and "If You Don't Know Me By Now" should make you a believer. Pure, bloody genius.
This morning, I stumbled upon some footage of Gervais' taking his first steps into show business as, no joke, lead vocalist for the early 80s New Wave duo Seona Dancing. Sweet. Lord. He looks like Daniel Ash of Bauhaus/Love and Rockets and sounds like David Bowie!
Although "More to Lose" was Seona Dancing's only minor hit, the song was apparently huge in the Philippines.
Find out why Gervais is so incredibly embarrassed of his past after the jump.

Oh, baby.

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