And It Burned, Burned, Burned...

Fire destroys the the former Tennessee home of Johnny Cash.

ring-of-fire.gif Home is where the heart is. But when its occupants (the late, great Johnny Cash and June Carter) pass, and the house is sold to a new owner (Bee Gees Barry Gibb), is the soul of the house still there?!
Apparently not.
According to the BBC, Johnny Cash's Hendersonville, Tennessee home, where he lived from 1968 until his death in 2003, went up in flames on Tuesday, fueled by a "flammable wood preservative" that was applied to the exterior of the house during restoration.
That home was a sanctuary to the Man in Black. Most of his career-defining albums were written there. It was where the "Hurt" video was shot. Many, many songs and stories came out of that house, not to mention the countless legends - the friends of Johnny - who set foot inside.
What the hell was Barry Gibb planning to do with the home? Make it his own disco inferno? Looks like he got it. Thanks to Tara for the tip!

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