Thank You, Dusted!

Appreciating The Fall For What It Is.


I want to extend a big thanks to Dusted, the online webzine that is increasingly becoming one of my favorite sites to waste time on. While I felt the same as Pitchfork about the new Fall album (isn't very good), I was upset at the fact that they made no mention of the title track "Reformation". I first heard this song at the Triple Door while waiting for Sebadoh to take the stage a few weeks ago. I thought to myself, "Damn, it's a long lost Fall track from the early-80s." Singer Mark E. Smith, in classic form, mangles and twists and hisses the word "reformation" over and over and over again, sounding as fresh and aggravated and sinister as he did on Grotesque. So, thank you Dusted, for recognizing that while they may not have made the best record of their career, there was at least enough fire here to get a couple excellent tracks on tape.

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