Keep on Truckin'

P1000404.jpg The foxy ladies in the Trucks attracted plenty of attention today at the Ballard party down here in Austin--hence the camera and film crew onslaught pictured above. However, I don't know if anything could be more photogenically compelling than Visqueen's Rachel Flotard posing with Ike, the 3-month old bundle of canine cuteness below: P1000399.jpg One thing I don't have a picture of, sadly, is the scalding hot Beth Ditto. Her set with the Gossip last night was so good it made my eyes water. Girlfriend stripped down to her skivvies, belted out a Nirvana cover, and basically blew the fucking roof off of Emo's. It was like watching a perfect fusion of Karen O and Aretha Franklin. Read more and see some pics over on the NME site.

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