As long as my ears are graced with the sweet, sweet sounds of Girl Talk's mashup of Clipse and Grizzly Bear's Knife, my weekend


What it do: the Weekend

Girl Talk, Hypatia Lake, Pigeon John, Polysics, Juhu Beach, Les-bros, B-Shorty



As long as my ears are graced with the sweet, sweet sounds of Girl Talk's mashup of Clipse and Grizzly Bear's Knife, my weekend will be complete.  But there's so much more!  What it do.


Hypatia Lake + the Slow Signal Fade + Martian Memo to God + Herman Jolly

It's a bit of mystery why brainy psychedelic spacemen Hypatia Lake remain locked in local orbit. Drawing inspiration from such disparate sources as Ennio Morricone, the Swirlies, and Harry Nilsson, the Oklahoma transplants spread their resulting celestial sprawl with an uncanny sense of childlike wonder while interjecting an occasional note of cold horror that would make them ideal candidates to soundtrack a lost Kubrick film. They spent the better part of fall and winter working on material for their next album, so here's hoping that 2007 has bigger things in store for them. HANNAH LEVIN Cafe Venus/marsBar, 8 p.m. $7

Subtle + Pigeon John + Truckasaurus

A couple of years ago, the renowned, long-running Bay Area hip-hop label Quannum Projects finally began expanding its roster beyond its core artists—DJ Shadow, Blackalicious, Lyrics Born, Lateef the Truthspeaker—by bringing into the fold such talent as Portland's Lifesavas and Southern California's Pigeon John. The latter's no newbie, though; he had three albums under his belt before Quannum put out the excellent Pigeon John and the Summertime Pool Party last September. A veteran of the same L.A. underground scene that produced the Pharcyde and Jurassic 5, Pigeon John fits in perfectly with Quannum's "thinking man's hip-hop" aesthetic—old-school beats, funk-soul grooves, Pixies samples (!), and story-raps on the positivity tip. MICHAEL ALAN GOLDBERG Neumo's, 8 p.m. $10

Polysics + the Outline + the Pharmacy + the Johnbenders

The last time I saw Tokyo's Polysics, a hyperactive Devo-obsessed half-male/half-female new-wave/punk band, was at a place called Super Happy Fun Land. On most nights, SHFL was a mellow hippie haven for avant garde/experimental acts and singer-songwriter types. But on this night, when Polysics took the stage decked out in matching outfits and began playing, the entire room erupted like a Technicolor volcano. Everyone was pogoing in unison to the catchy, cutesy beats and was completely transfixed by the zany foursome. Because of Polysics, SFHL had never felt so much like a Far East utopia where Fruits reign, San-X characters are the official mascots, and futurism is now. TRAVIS RITTER El Corazon, 4:30 p.m. $10 adv./$12 All ages


Girl Talk + Velella Velella + Library Science

Chop Suey, 9 p.m. $8 The Senate Arcade + Juhu Beach + Madraso + Open Choir Fire

Modest Mouse comparisons are unfair burdens for any local band, simply because they immediately conjure up thoughts of Isaac Brock's curmudgeonly yelps (an acquired taste, to be sure), but in the case of Juhu Beach, such associations are inevitable. Thanks to the familiar, anguished tones springing out of vocalist-bassist Shaye Straw's throat, the Mouse immediately come to mind, but Juhu keep their sonic fingerprint unique with an influx of furious, dense guitars and a more succinct approach to song structures. Tonight they celebrate the release of their new EP, Old Crimes, a brief, but blisteringly beautiful trio of angular rock songs. HANNAH LEVIN Sunset Tavern, 9 p.m. $7 Lesbian + the Keeper + Hemingway

Jules Mayes Saloon, 9 p.m.

B-Shorty Farewell Party with KJ Sawka + Ra Scion + Joe Doria

You can learn a lot from someone's MySpace profile. Like, for instance, that golden-voiced Seattle singer, musician, and beatboxer B-Shorty, aka Blake Lewis, idolizes both Prince (not surprising) and BT (a little bit). Using just his voice, Lewis imitates a well-programmed groovebox and turntable, affecting a smooth falsetto to sing over the sounds. It's not something many people can do, and I dare say—aside from the hip-hop/party rock in his repertoire—Shorty would be a contender for Jamie Lidell's soul-improv crown, if he had a hype machine the size of Warp. 'Til then—"Some say silence is golden, I choose noise," reads his profile. Keep making it, man. RACHEL SHIMP Nectar, 8 p.m. $5

 What else ya got?

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