Saturday night straddle

Belltown or Ballard, Can't See, the Hands

cantsee.jpgIf I could be in two places at once tomorrow- I'd simultaneously post up at the Tractor and the Croc. Ballard Ave is serving straight up rock and roll with the Hands, the Old Haunts and the Cops while amidst the hair gel and valet parking, 2nd Ave's still untainted strip will play host to Welcome and one of my favorites- John Atkin's the Can't See. I didn't miss a Seattle Can't See show in 2006, and I'd hate to start '07 off on the wrong foot- so I'm going to aim for both. . . what's your weekend hold?

Welcome + the Can't See + Sick Bees Diving deep into the uncharted territory of your mind can be a terrifying thing. Just ask Syd Barrett. The psychedelic music he made post-Floyd, as catchy as it may be, also possesses a pretty creepy vibe. Local band Welcome explore similar psychedelic pop terrain, putting them in the same party boat as the Italian duo Jennifer Gentle. The music is simultaneously dreamy, wonky, and melodic. Their debut, Sirs, was released on Fat Cat overseas, but with any luck we'll see a stateside release soon. Elements of other '60s U.K. music abound, including Creation, and, as their press materials accurately suggest, the Beatles. My hopes are high that the band will continue to explore such psychedelic mind-fuckery. Much like Jennifer Gentle, if they already sound this tripped out, who knows where it will go from here. BRIAN J. BARR Crocodile Cafe, 9 p.m. $6

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