Tonight: The Cave Singers

millerton_w3.jpg Aja wrote about Seattle's Cave Singers in this week's issue, but I just wanted to echo her praise. They've only played a handful of shows about town, but their Mississippi John Hurt guitar plucks and spooky Appalachian melodies have had me hooked since first catching them at the Sunset several months ago. Aja's post (printed below) says everything, so I won't babble on too much. You can also listen for yourself right here.

"The Cave Singers tout nature-inspired members R. Flowers, Babybird, and Gerbil Moustache according to their MySpace page, but in reality consist of Pretty Girls Make Graves bassist Derek Fudesco, Pete Quirk hailing from Hint Hint, and Cobra High alum Marty Lund. The three talented dudes have combined forces to create a sound that is sometimes folky, sometimes spacey, often soft and melodic, with a sprinkling of harder breakdowns thrown in for good measure. Carried by Quirk's high and lonesome vocals that fall somewhere between Dylan and Young, the group has spent some time in the studio with Colin Stewart (PGMG, Black Mountain) and should soon grace us with an ambrosial debut. And if the four tantalizing, appetite-whetting tracks they've posted on their page are any indication of what's to come, they won't be listed as label-less for long. AJA PECKNOLD"

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