Arts & Culture Newsletter

Strange Sound: The Needle

The dark side of the Space Needle’s history.

Tall Tales of the Emerald City: Axon’s Cosplayer Cop Tech

Giant spaceship blast doors? Check. Retinal scanners? Check. Storm Troopers? Check.

The Geeky Beer Bar Serving Some of Seattle’s Best Dishes

No Anchor knows its brews, but it also knows how to prepare impeccable Pacific Northwest fare.

The Top 20 Things to Do This Week

See Marc Maron in the flesh, Smash Putt! for the last time, and much more.

With Millions of Records Sold, Bellingham’s Soundings of the Planet Are New Age’s Old Pros

After surviving the rocky MP3 era, they’ve found even more success in the world of digital streaming.

‘Serial’ Onstage

The history-making podcast is coming to the Paramount.

ACT’s ‘Tribes’ Seamlessly (and Artfully) Bridges the Communication Gap

The show brings the Deaf and hearing communities together in a tale of belonging and communication.

An Aries Sun Rings in a New Zodiac Year

And our focus shifts from “we” to “me.”

Ben Verellen’s New “Disneyland-Style” Bar Is Open For Business

The Helms Alee frontman and Verellen amplifier mastermind is venturing into the world of booze with style.

Feeding the Beast

Disney’s live-action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ remake feels factory-made.

Justen Waterhouse’s “Darkness Film Series” Contemplates the Absence of Light

The Henry is re-examining cinema born of darkness.

Kansas City Meets Texas at Wood Shop in the Central District

This BBQ isn’t just on wheels anymore.

Noodle Knock-Down

Which of Seattle’s beloved noodle dishes will reign soup-reme in battle?

Refund, Please

An acute case of buyer’s remorse… and regular remorse.

Remembering Jonathan Moore

Looking back on the life of one of Seattle hip-hop’s most vital mentors.

Sarah Galvin: Our Funniest Tragedian or Our Most Tragic Comedian?

The poet debuts her third book, ‘Ugly Time,’ at the Gramma Poetry launch party.

That Spring Thing

Our resident witch on the shift into light and the goddesses and archetypes that embody it.

The Beauty of Spring

Love is in the air! As well as a lot of other stuff.

The Top 15 Things to Do This Week

Catch Seattle Public Library’s big book sale, see nervy Northwest punk, and much more.

Treating Your Allergies With Weed

Researchers confirm what medical users have long known.