Sound Transit Wants Your Help Designing Neighborhood Pictograms for New Stations

No, the pictures above aren't houses from Game of Thrones.

Rather, they are the fun, sometimes confusing pictograms that Sound Transit chose to represent the neighborhoods it serves. That dragon? The International District. The anvil? The industrious SoDo. The one for SeaTac is strangely a magic carpet. As Sound Transit's astrologically inclined "Stellar Connections" guide to the the pictograms explains:

"Nothing evokes the magic, mystery and delight of flight quite like a magic carpet. SeaTac is the “Hospitality City” and has rolled out the carpet in welcome.

Huh. Well magic and mystery aside, now you have the chance to provide input on the new pictograms for Sound Transit's future light rail link stations for Capitol Hill, the U District, University of Washington, Roosevelt and Northgate.

This official questionnaire, available until April 14th, asks Seattle citizens to think of adjectives for the neighborhoods, notable landmarks, and straight up pictogram suggestions, which will be taken into account in Sound Transit's final decision.

Here are some of my proposed pictograms:




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