Man Berated By Cops Will Get $235K from Seattle

Evan Sargent, whose lawsuit against the Seattle Police Department we wrote about in a cover story last year, will receive $235,000 in a settlement with the city of Seattle, the Times reports today.

Last we heard about the case, it wasn’t looking good for Sargent, as the civil rights portion of his suit was dismissed. However, Sargent was appealing a separate suit related to the department’s withholding of public documents; the settlement, according to the Times, resolves both the civil rights and public document portions of the suit.

If you can’t recall the incident, I recommend you read our full account. But to sum up, an off-duty Seattle cop blew a gasket when he tried to avert traffic by ducking into an alleyway only to find Evan Sargent’s truck parked there while Sargent was inside a business picking up laundry. The officer, Det. Donald Waters, got out of his car and smashed one of Sargent’s rearview mirror before Sargent grabbed a small bat to ward him off. Sargent was then held at gunpoint, and then arrested.

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