Ouch: Intoxicated Son Accused of Biting Dad’s Eyebrow Off

As Levi Pulkkinen of the Seattle PI noted this morning, 30-year-old Joel Salmeron-Ciprian has been charged with second-degree assault.

What do authorities contend Salmeron-Ciprian, of Burien, did to deserve such a charge? Oh, nothing really ... except bite off his dad’s eyebrow.


Citing charging documents, Pulkkinen reports that a drive home from a wedding turned ugly when the inebriated Salmeron-Ciprian became belligerent in the back seat. The King County Prosecutor’s office says that after Salmeron-Ciprian tried to grab his father from the backseat, the dad pulled the vehicle over in White Center, where a fight ensued. When police arrived, according to the PI, they found “Salmeron-Ciprian pinned to the ground by his father, who was bleeding from the face. As it turned out, his right eyebrow was missing.”

Again, ouch.

Pulkkinen’s story indicates that a stun gun was used to subdue Salmeron-Ciprian, and even after his arrest he remained incensed. According to the PI: “Having threatened to kick the ‘ass’ of one deputy, Salmeron-Ciprian also threatened jail staff, a detective said in charging papers. ... ‘I’m going to eat your face too,’ he said, according to charging papers.”

The eyebrow-less father was taken to Harborview, while Salmeron-Ciprian was taken to jail - where he remains on $100,000 bail.

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