SeaTac’s Prop 1 Survives Recount

SeaTac’s Proposition 1 - which will raise the minimum wage for some workers around the airport to $15 an hour - has apparently survived its recount. According to KIRO Radios’ Josh Kerns and the Associated Press, Monday’s recount “failed to overturn the election results.”

The anti-Prop 1 group that requested the recount, Common Sense Washington, will have to foot the bill for the effort - paying 25-cents per ballot. Prop 1 passed by a mere 77 votes out of 6,003 ballots cast.

As Brian Rosenthal of the Seattle Times noted on Twitter, “In hand recount for SeaTac wage vote, officials found no incidents ‘that would appear to alter general election outcome.’ Final results Tues.”

With one hurdle apparently cleared, Prop 1 will now have to fend a legal challenge led by Alaska Air Group.

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