Seattle's Cano Deal Will Help Jay-Z Pay Off His New Egyptian "Big Pimpin'" Lawsuit Debts

By now we've all heard about Robinson Cano's $240 million (or 89 million Dick's Burgers) deal with the Mariners. By any measure, be it Dick's or dollars, Cano is having a good day.

Jay-Z, Cano's agent, is likely just as happy given the cut he'll be taking from the deal. It might have come just in time too, as the rapper has "just failed in a bid to wrap up a six-year-old lawsuit over the sampling of 'Khosara, Khosara,' from the 1960 Egyptian film Fata Ahlami, used on his 2000 mega-hit song, Big Pimpin,'" according Hollywood Reporter today.

"Big Pimpin'," Jay-Z's classic anthem with UGK has come back to haunt him today thanks to the nephew of Khosara Khosara's original composer, who is not letting the copyright suit go away.

As Spin suggests, that Cano cut from the Seattle deal might just end up funding Jay-Z's rebooted Egyptian lawsuit, putting a bit of a damper on what would otherwise be a Big Pimpin' day for Hova.

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