Shooting Victim’s Brother Paints Terrifying Picture of Late-Night White Center

The brother of last week’s mistaken-identity shooting victim says he and his brother were confronted “all the time” about being part of a gang while walking around White Center.

However, Saul Delfin-Rodriguez said in an emotional press conference Wednesday those confrontations never ended in gunfire till the day after Thanksgiving.

“It happens to us all the time when we’re out on the street like that,” Saul said, who was with his brother when he died.

Saul appeared before the press in hopes that whoever killed 22-year-old Michael Delfin-Rodriguez would be brought to justice. Suspects are described as two young black men in a light colored sedan.

But Saul said the incident started off so commonly that he couldn’t provide many other details about the shooters.

“They were just some punk little kids so we didn’t pay any attention to them.”

He and his brother were on their way to the store to pick up some drinks around 2:15 a.m., he said.

“We were a little thirsty. We recognized that being out at that time, this stuff happens, but it’s happened to us all the time. We’ve always been the smarter people.

“When people ask us about our affiliation, we always say no.

“That day was just like any other day we were out in the middle of the night.”

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