Seattle MC Remixes Marshawn Lynch’s Ultra-Chill Interview on New Track “Bout That Action”

Yesterday Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch gave an interview to a close-talking Deion Sanders that was so chill it was almost comatose.

Lynch stood out from the Super Bowl media day hoopla by being as unhoopla as possible and, in the process, overshadowed all other Super Bowl activities, as well as the State of the Union (maybe).

Seattle hip-hop artist Spekulation, aka Matt Watson, noticed. Despite being “not the biggest sports fan,” he thought the interview would sound cool with a producer’s touch. So he remixed it. Turns out he was right. On “Bout That Action” Lynch’s tone and cadence are perfectly framed by Watson’s beatwork and the whole thing makes for an enjoyable listen. “I don’t see why I can’t enjoy the Town comradery in my own way, right?” says Watson. “Go Hawks and stuff.”

The track has racked up thousands of plays just this afternoon. Going viral is nothing new to Watson. Turns out he was the mind behind the Bitter Barista Twitter account that set the Internet aflame for about a week and a half last spring. Because of this, maybe, Watson is wise to the whims of the Internet and says that he does not believe that the success of this track means anything at all for his career. Like Lynch, he intends to just keep grindin’.

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