Newest Moor Gang Member SneakGuapo Drops 'No Sleep (From the Streets)' Video

SneakGuapo, the newest member of Seattle's Moor Gang, forms the West Seattle contingent of the rap collective alongside MackNed. Mack's impeccable, ethereal production buoys a large portion of SneakGuapo's new album Lighthouse On Jupiter, a confessional album that swirls and shimmers as if it really could've come from outer space.

"No Sleep (From the Streets)" switches out MackNed's production for Ralph Dozer, whose trap-happy style floats on top of a woozy, melancholy synth line. The song's coda, a trippy, sped up hand-drum sample layered over some excellent X-Files ambience, makes for an approiately mournful tone. "Put my love into this shit now they ain't lovin' me," SneakGuapo laments in this genuinely spooky track.

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