Fly Moon Royalty Celebrate New EP Early

Fly Moon Royalty

Friday, January 3

Getting funky—both in the musical and sexual realm—has always been at the forefront of Seattle soul/R&B group Fly Moon Royalty’s art. “At times I wish I hadn’t met you/But I ain’t harping on the past/Because the truth of the matter is/I still wanna like yo’ ass,” Adra Boo coos in “No Pain No Gain” on the group’s Unfinished Business EP (Sportn’ Life Records), a cat-and-mouse tale about spurned love. Lead single “Piece of Me” flips that narrative, finding Boo singing the praises of Herculean lovers: “She gives me the most intense feelings of passion/That’s ever ran through my body,” she belts over “Superstition”-style Stevie Wonder clavichord funk. Producer Illvester showcases some new tricks on Unfinished Business and takes Boo for a vocoder ride on “DNA,” a neon-lit down-tempo track that might make Daft Punk jealous. “The Anthem” bristles with a clattering, busy beat that’s livelier than anything Fly Moon’s done before, prompting Illvester to take to the mike himself. Technically the EP won’t be out until February 18, but all those who pay an extra $2 at this release show will receive an advance digital download as well as a chance to buy a physical copy a month ahead of time. To make it worth your while, the group is also roping in local hip-hop outfit Fresh Espresso, who are busy releasing their own new material as well, and DJ Marco Collins hosts the whole thing. If you are into hot and steamy new-music-on-new-music action, head on down. With Future Shock, DJ-Justice. Neumos, 925 E. Pike St., 709-9442, 9 p.m. $10/$12 w/ digital download. 21 and over.

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