The Pornadoes Second Album Introduces Contemplative Surf Rock

The Pornadoes, In Space (Jan. 4, self-released,

The Pornadoes’ aptly titled second album is intriguing in that the space between notes is where the magic happens. It’s not Jason Goessl’s bright and perfectly reverberated classic surf rock guitar—clear as a whistle here, lusciously distorted there—a la Link Wray or Dick Dale (an obvious influence) that moves you, so much as the contemplative space between tremelo-affected strums and arpeggios. The digital effects of guest artist Robb Davidson add a layer of depth to the songs, abundant with quintessential surf rock guitar riffs. In a genre that single-handedly ushered in a new era for electric guitar loudness, In Space betrays a fondness and respect for vast expanses of sounds that whisper like powerful winds sweep through towering trees. The band weaves the album together cleverly with four shorter tracks titled “Space One,” “Space Two,” and so on. These tasty tidbits provide thoughtful downtime, centering you between songs that challenge you to explore unknown realms along with the music. The album, recorded live in one take for KEXP’s Sonarchy Radio, is a testament to the group’s musicianship. Unlike its first release, Now Serving…, which has a lounge-y vibe interwoven with plucky pop elements, In Space takes you on a solitary journey through the space between your ears via tracks like the spooky “101” and the not-quite-melancholy “Eyes.” The record has a running G minor theme that ties it all together like one long jam session cut into bite-sized pieces. Yum. (Sat., Jan. 4, Vito’s)

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