Spanish for 100’s Six Song EP: Dad Indie Rock, But in a Good Way

The cover of Spanish for 100’s latest release has “est. 2002” written above the band’s name. It’s the perfect descriptor for Six Song EP. Each track feels like a lost relic of early-2000s indie rock, with clean guitars chugging under soaring melodies. It’s no surprise—Spanish for 100 was very much a part of this movement locally. At the time, KEXP Morning Show DJ John Richards even deemed the group “one of the best up-and-coming bands in Seattle.”

Hints of Built to Spill’s Ancient Melodies of the Future hang through the jangling guitar tones, especially in Corey Passons’ vocals. On tracks like “Physicians,” his voice reaches its upper register with ease. “Arches” feels like a Rilo Kiley B-side with its grooving rhythm section and subtle alt-country undertones. This takes us into indie-dad-rock territory—though cooler dad rock, like Wilco or Superchunk, not adult contemporary like Band of Horses. That said, if you’re not listening hard enough, these tracks tend to blend together. All things considered, there are no real risks or departures from older Spanish for 100 material on this EP, but it excels in what it tries to do. Rock out and rock on, but just quietly enough so Baby can fall asleep in the backseat.

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