Live Tonight: Tangerine, Inly

Seattle’s Tangerine has a knack for swooning guitars and bright, syrupy melodies. The band’s 2013 EP Radical Blossom felt like a tribute to lazy summer days. Marika Che’s talent for infectious melody and Exile in Guyville-reminiscent guitar lines is prevalent on most of the band’s still-growing catalog. With the Sour Notes, Ephrata. Lo-Fi Performance Gallery. 8 p.m. $7. 21 and over. DUSTY HENRY

After the 2012 Café Racer shooting, friends formed Inly to honor and pay tribute to those they lost. The band’s mixture of alt-rock and jazz pays homage to the diversity of Café Racer itself. Out of tragedy, the band has created something beautiful, and tranquil melodies and tasteful arrangements abound. With Cold Guns, Gabriel Mintz. Tractor Tavern. 8 p.m. $8. 21 and over. DH

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