Tunesday: Hangin Tuff Goes Live, New Wimps and Tacocat Vids, Helms Alee's New LP & More

Hangin Tuff Music Variety Show Now Live Online

We talked to Bobbi Rich last week about her Pee-Wee-loving new web-series "Hangin Tuff," which takes Seattle musicians like Jarv Dee, La Luz, Don't Talk to the Cops, Half-Breed and Fly Moon Royalty out on Lake Union on a hot tub boat. The first season has now gone live online—check them all out here, and watch Jarv Dee's smoke-filled episode below:

Tacocat and Wimps Debut New Videos

Speaking of Hangin Tuff, Tacocat's new menstrual-surf song "Crimson Wave" has got a brand new beachy video that happens to feature the same "shell phone" from Bobbi Rich's nautical series. The band's Hardly Art debut, NVM, comes out February 25.

In the video, sharks, crabs and surfers all dance around on the coast while front woman Emily Nokes sings gleefully about periods and white wine. Chastity Belt/Childbirth's Julia Shapiro makes a cameo as well:

But if you are looking for cameos, Wimps has got you more than covered. The video for their new song "Dog Pills," from their recent Help Yourself Record's EP, Party at the Wrong Time, features a boatload of cameos from local bands inlcuding Pony Time, Chastity Belt, MTNS and Ubu Roi. It also features a literal bag of Coke.

Helms Alee's Sleepwalking Sailors Comes out Today

Seattle's heaviest shredders, Helms Alee, release their Sargent House debut today, Sleepwalking Sailors. Our resident metal head James Ballinger said "It's a masterpiece" in his review, and after a couple of listens, I'm inclined to agree with him. Take a listen to the leaner, meaner album below, and while you are at it, check out the love Vice gave the band's ampsmithing front man Ben Verellen:

Laser Fox Moves on To Final Round of Sound Off! Competition

EMP's giant NW underage battle of the bands had its first semifinal last weekend, which saw Seattle's synth poppin' Laser Fox clench the victory, earning them passage to the final round for a chance to win a performance slot at this year's Bumbershoot. Tacoma band Dames won the audience choice award and runner-up wild card position, meaning they still have a chance to move on. Next weekend's semifinal on Saturday will feature Manatee Commune, Nabii Ko$mo, The Onlies, and Thee Samedi.

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