Portland Police Chief Rescues Pot Brownie-Eating Dog, Tweets About It

They say you can never have too much of a good thing. But when it comes to pot brownies, sometimes that’s not the case.

Earlier this week Portland Police Chief Mike Reese was credited with saving a homeless man’s dog, which had become sick after apparently eating too many weed brownies. As KGW’s Sara Roth tells it, the man and his dog were downtown when they entered a business. The man was frantic, according to KGW, and complained his dog was having convulsions - so the police were called.

According to Portland Police Bureau spokesperson Peter Simpson, “Chief [Reese] and his partner, Officer Chad Phifer, took a disturbance call [Monday] and learned that it was an upset dog owner who was worried about the dog that was having seizures. They transported the man, dog and shopping cart [man and dog homeless] to the Dove Lewis Animal Hospital. On the way, the man told them that he thought the dog might have eaten too many pot brownies.”

On the way, Chief Reese tweeted a picture of the sickened dog.

Simpson says the man and his dog were left at the animal hospital and Reese and his partner returned to patrol. According to KGW, “When officers returned to the hospital a few hours later, the man and his dog were gone.”

It was probably just a check-up visit, however, because Simpson tells Seattle Weekly that no charges will come from the pot brownie-eating dog’s unfortunate mishap.

And for anyone wondering, no, the dog was not Obie the Obese Dachshund.

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