Yesterday's Harvard Bomb Hoax Came From a Student From Mukilteo

Twenty year old Eldo Kim, a former Kamiak high school student, wanted to get out of his final exam.

Yesterday's Harvard University bomb threat shut the school down for hours until law enforcement determined it was all a hoax.

Eldo Kim, the 20 year old Harvard student appearing in court today for the bomb threats, turns out to be a native of Mukilteo, WA.

Kim, who graduated from Kamiak High School, emailed two univeristy officials, the Harvard police and the preseident of school newspaper The Harvard Crimson claiming that shrapnel bombs were set to detonate on campus. The move was apparently an extreme effort by Kim to evade his final exam, which was set to take place that morning.

While the move might have paid off as far as getting out of a test, Kim now faces maximum penalites of "five years in prison and a $250,000 fine," according to Politico.

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