Dori Monson: Protesting Fast Food Workers Are ‘Life’s Losers’

Meanwhile in the fight for a $15 an hour minimum wage …

Dori Monson:

The push is on and I will tell you, this story is so frustrating to anybody with half a brain because you see what is happening here. A lot of people don’t really understand what is going on here. But I do. I understand exactly what is going on because I grew up in a household that had the mentality of, I wish somebody would give us something. And I saw early on, I recognized that that was a formula for bondage for the rest of your life.

Dori, you’re so wise. Please tell me more …

Last night, I was driving and I turned on, of course, KIRO Radio, and Jason Rantz was hosting and he had a montage of fast food workers. This is a group of people in this montage - this is going to sound harsh - but this is a group of losers.

When I listened to these fast food workers in this montage, I thought these people have no shot. These people are life’s losers and they will be forever, not because life is unfair, and not because their employer is not giving them enough money, but because what is inside their brain, and their heart, and their soul. They have no idea that they have to break free from bondage themselves.

Yeah, fuck these assholes calling for a livable wage. Preach it, Dori!

If you are willing to go on TV and say I hate my employer. You are a, a loser, and b, you are consigned to a life of loserdom. That is not how you succeed in life.

Exactly! These losers should be thankful to be exploited by the fast food industry! You’re on a roll, Dori!

But this is the mentality because the labor unions and government, they want these people in bondage. They want them just scraping by, but they have to go to the unions to get any benefit they can get, and they have to go to government so that they can get their Obamaphone, and their Obamacare, and Obama will pay their mortgage, and Obama will put gas in their tank.

Wait … what’s an Obamaphone? That sounds kind of cool. Oh, never mind. Let’s persecute the poor for being worthless some more!

They are losers and that is why I’m frustrated. Go ahead, do your fast food strike. I’ll absolutely stop eating fast food. You can destroy your business and then see if you can get $15 an hour doing something else. Good luck to this crowd.

On a related note, as Ellis E. Conklin reported late last year, Monson makes six figures spouting this crap for KIRO Radio.

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