Illustration by James Stanton

Illustration by James Stanton

The Ganja Gifter

Make sure the stoner in your life has something under this tree that will really make them smile

OK, you all know the routine. It’s Christmas, time to talk presents. Let’s jump right in because there is a ton of cool stuff out this year for cannabis connoisseurs.

The Medtainer

This little contraption is incredible. Made of medical-grade plastic, it’s the ultimate in safe and convenient storage. It’s waterproof, smellproof, and airtight. It comes in a dozen different designs and colors, translucent, and opaque—including a style clearly marked “medicine”—and if all that wasn’t enough, there’s a built-in grinder that actually works really well.


If you didn’t know, now you do. This collective of femmes of color is trying to flip the script when it comes to the chronic paradigm. Sorcerers, fashionistas, cannabis charmers, Women.Weed.Wifi offers art, poetry, clothing, and spell materials for the stoner witch of the 21st century. Check out their shop’s collection of hand-dyed military jackets printed with their original logo, or the Karmic Bath CBD anointment oil made with sunflower oil, frankincense, myrrh, palmarosa, sweet orange, dried calendula flowers, and hemp-based CBD. It’s like a loving ray of sunshine, perfect for those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder.

Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers

Honestly, I don’t care who you are, the sight of gold has, like, a physiological effect on the brain or something. I mean, I don’t even wear gold, but I feel like a badass when I smoke a joint rolled with these 24K papers. Made with a high-quality edible gold foil and hemp-based paper for a smooth burn, Shine hooks you up with plenty of size options for their papers. Traditional sheets come in small and large, plus they offer prerolled cones and gold blunt wrappers in plain and checkerboard, as well as gift sets that include a variety of their products.

Crystal Pipes from Cosmic Artillery

What is your favorite crystal? Amethyst? Labradorite? Rose quartz? You know, there’s a pipe for that. The wizards at Cosmic Artillery offer smoking tools for the crystal enthusiast in your life made from a wide selection of stones, like tiger eye, amazonite, and sodalite. Each pipe is lovingly hand-carved, has a little carb on the side for ease of use, and even comes with some extra screens. They also offer cleaning tools, which I recommend grabbing to get into the crevices of these unique pipes.

Color Me Cannabis Coloring Book

Since we are about to head into three-plus months of wet weather, smart stoners will stock up now on stuff for stay-at-home hangout sessions with friends. My advice is to put on a giant pot of wassail (spiced apple cider with baked apples and porter), throw on some classic jams, invite the crew over, and bust out the crayons and colored pencils. Created by Sara the Chronic Crafter as a way to deal with depression, the coloring book features 40 images that are fun, detailed, and meditative. Color cannabis plants, nugs, dabs, and trippy designs; learn how to draw a weed leaf; and decorate your rolling tray, lighter, and pipe. It’s like an activity book for stoners.

Pax 3 Vaporizer

Vaping is becoming more and more popular, and at the forefront of the movement are products like the Pax 3. This particular device breaks new ground by allowing you to vape both extract and dry herb. Featuring four different colors, over 60 temperature settings, Bluetooth connectivity, an app, and a 10-year warranty, Pax is ready to guide your cannabis experience into the future.

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Illustration by James Stanton
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The Ganja Gifter

Make sure the stoner in your life has something under this tree that will really make them smile

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