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Stash Box: Where to Smoke Your Weed This 4/20

4/20 is like Marijuana Mardi Gras or Cannabis Christmas. It’s fantastic. Aside from the getting-high part, our columnist likes that we as a city set aside a day every year to celebrate this 30-million-year-old plant.

April 20 is a little different in the Emerald City is a little different. Oh, hell, it’s a lot different. It’s really a holiday. People take off work to celebrate. Folks wear green outfits and pot leis or dress like giant joints. Magic brownies and ganja cookies are baked for loved ones. Big clouds of pot smoke float over parks. That one friend who never gets high tries a little and gets super-baked and says hilarious shit for hours. Gifts are exchanged, babies christened, homes blessed. It’s like Marijuana Mardi Gras or Cannabis Christmas. It’s fantastic. Aside from the getting-high part, I like that we as a city set aside a day every year to celebrate this 30-million-year-old plant that has done so much good for us.

This year will be no different, and I wanted to make sure all you stoners (and stoner-curious) know what the choices are if you plan to come out and celebrate.

• Getting the Holy Day of Green started in Georgetown are the tie-dyed masterminds behind the famous Seattle Hempfest with 420Fest. Offering “food, fun, and the usual Hempfest merriment,” they kick things off at 3 p.m., and folks are encouraged to be there for 4:20, of course. LeftJet Studios, 2020 Airport Way, $15 and up. 21 and over. 3–10 p.m.

• Later that evening, weed and comedy aficionados can head downtown and catch one of two Joe Rogan performances at The Moore. A very public supporter of cannabis for years, Rogan will bring his challenging and zealous style to Seattle, like a dank Easter bunny with a basket full of insight. 1932 Second Ave., $42 and up. 18 and over. 8 & 10:30 p.m.

• Sashay down to Kremwerk for Cucci’s Spooky Weed, where Arson Nicki, Cherry Markos, Cookie Couture, and many more of Seattle’s highest drag performers will be on hand to help you find out. Kremwerk, 1809 Minor Ave., #10. $7 ($5 if you are celebrating). 21 and over. 7 p.m.

• Sleazy stoners won’t know which way to turn at The 420 Sex Pot Show, which will feature the dangerously loud and heavy Witch Ripper, the strap-on wielding Trannysaurus Rox, and the oil-slicked, orgy-esque apocalyptic vision that is Sioux City Pete & the Beggars. Think porno plus Gallagher. Your best bet will be to wear something rubber. Highline, 210 Broadway E. $8. 21 and over. 9 p.m.

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