Illustration by James the Stanton

How to Get High in the Seattle Summer

And where. And what to do.

Summer offers Seattle residents the chance to do stuff we just can’t during the rainy season, aka the other nine months. Here are some of my favorite things to do while doing one of my favorite things to do, getting high.

Movies in the Park The Seattle region is #blessed with beautiful parks. And literally dozens of them are screening movies through September. There’s probably one near you, or a reasonable bus ride away. From The Big Lebowski to Deadpool to Barbarella, the selection for Seattle’s stoned cinema fans is killer. In fact, if you are determined enough, you could watch Labyrinth outside and stoned every weekend for the next two months. Bring a blanket and some snacks, add some mellow, “middle of the road” strain, and take the opportunity to Netflix and chill with a couple hundred strangers.

Epic Sunsets Most of the year, the weather is cloudy enough that we don’t really get a sunset, just a dimming of the light into evening. But Seattle’s summertime sunsets are really special. Here’s the recipe for an amazing date: Explain your plans to your budtender and let them recommend their sexiest sativa. Pick a Friday or Saturday evening that’s particularly hot. Catch a water taxi from the waterfront to West Seattle and walk out to Alki Point. Wear comfy shoes—it’s a two-and-a-half-mile trek each way, but there are all kinds of great places to eat, drink, and chill out. Or bring a decadent supper with you and dine al fresco on the beach. Check out some of Seattle’s historic spots, watch a mind-blowing sunset over Puget Sound, then enjoy the glittering view of downtown Seattle as you walk back to the water taxi.

Bonfires at the Beach The grande dame of Seattle beaches, Golden Gardens, holds an important place in our hearts for good reason. It’s open late, the view is amazing, and it’s one of just a few beaches where you can have a legal firepit. Show up early to grab a spot, especially on weekends, as this place can get busy. Bring tofu dogs to share, plenty of hacky sacks, and a poncho for after dark (and hot-boxing). Bring a hammock and stretch out under the trees. And for your good deed of the day, bring a trash bag and try to leave this extremely popular beach better than you found it. Pro tip: Parking patrol is on this place like stink on shit. Take a bus and save yourself the headache of a ticket if you linger a few minutes past close. As for weed, I recommend whatever catches your fancy. It’s summer, live it up!

Meteor Showers There’s nothing quite like getting stoned and lying under the stars. August, the fiery heart of summer, includes one of the year’s best light shows, the Perseid meteor shower. The show peaks from the 9th through the 13th, but you can actually see showers most of the month. On a good night, the Perseids can rain down over 200 meteors in an hour. The meteors are notoriously bright and long, perfect for taking advantage of weed’s mild hallucinogenic properties. Couple that with some good indica, and you may experience the distinct sensation of hugging on to our tiny planet as it hurtles through the vastness of space. Fill a car with friends, head out to an easy hike spot with great views like Rattlesnake Ridge or Mount Si, and catch nature’s light show. If you can’t get out of town, try Magnuson Park.

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