Bud With a Bow

Gifts for the stoner who was it all.

Illustration by James the Stanton

Dab Presses The popularity of dabs is on the rise—and with good reason. Dabs can provide one of the very strongest and cleanest highs currently available from cannabis. And just like the home-brewing trend, making your own is quickly becoming the next cannabis pet project. The science behind creating quality rosins is fairly simple: apply heat and pressure in proper measure, and voila, a tasty smoking treat. Hook up the weed lover in your life by scoring them a rosin-oil press. Companies like Vape Society or Web Hydroponics feature presses that run anywhere from $125 to $400 and come with a variety of extras like silicon containers, mesh filters, and scrapers. If you wanna go baller, check out Rosin Technologies; their state-of-the-art pneumatic presses feature extras like calibrated heat plates, air filters, and OSHA-certified controls, and they start around $3,600. rosintechproducts.com

Stash Box I’ll admit I’m biased about this service as it sports an extremely cool name. But this is a gift like none other. Founded by Natasha Irizarry, Stash Box is a subscription service for weed aficionados. Think Birchbox or Ipsy for stoners. Simply fill out a small survey on your weed-lover’s usage, preferences, and favored forms of ingestion, and each month a curated grab bag of specialty pot products will show up at their doorstep: High-end vape pens, energy snacks designed to complement particular strains, grinders, and limited-edition rolling papers are just a few of the goodies they’ll find waiting for them in each lovingly packed box. With new innovations in weed tech coming out daily, Stash Box is a creative way to stay current with industry trends and to give products a try before heading to the store to buy. getstashbox.com

Take a Trip The Canna Bus is a super-fun way to spend a couple of hours checking out some cool weed resources in Seattle, stopping at the cozy Dawgstar Cannabis Growers and The Green Door dispensary. But if you really wanna spoil your special stoner, book the Canna Bus as a party bus and help them get lifted with up to 14 of their favorite people on a magic carpet ride. Cruise around the city in comfort and style, checking out the stoned sights while someone else takes the wheel, or take advantage of the killer sound system, bar, and fridges to create your own smoking lounge outside your favorite club. theoriginalcannabus.com

Give Something Back Nothing complements a good buzz like good karma. This year, donate some green on behalf of the stoners in your life. We don’t know how Trump’s government is going to affect cannabis legalization, but his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, has referred to the reform movement as a “tragic mistake.” Many fear he will roll back the progress we’ve seen over the past decade. Consider supporting some nonprofits that have been fighting this prohibition for years; groups like the Drug Policy Alliance, C.A.R.E., the Marijuana Policy Project, and the ACLU will be on the front lines of securing medicine for patients and taking up the cases of those still being arrested in states that have yet to legalize.


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