The Bar Code: The Best Spots to Watch the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl. Nah, it doesn’t look right like that. THE SUPER BOWL!!!! That’s better, I think.

Whatever your preferred level of font-based excitement, there’s no doubting that Super Bowl XLVIII will be absolutely must-see TV for the vast majority of Seattleites. The question is: where to watch the big game? Consider these just a few of the wealth of options you’ll have on Sunday. It goes without saying that pretty much every place with a few taps and a TV will be open, and almost all will be utterly jammed with fans, be they casual or die-hard. As such, I tried to highlight a few viewing experiences outside the norm.

As with most American sporting events (or television spectacles), food is as much a part of the day as the game. Consider grabbing some takeout ribs and brisket at Bourbon and Bones, then taking them down the street to Bad Jimmy’s Brewery to take in the game on their huge TV.

If a merely massive television isn’t quite enough, and you want to watch the game on a screen so big that even pro footballers look larger than life, try trekking to one of the two Cinebarre locations, Mountlake Terrace or Issaquah, to take in the game on a movie screen. They each have a full bar, so you can have the whole “sports bar” experience with a screen even bigger than Peyton Manning’s forehead.

Want a giant party? There’s Underdog Sports’ Super Bowl party at the Crocodile Cafe, where they’ll offer drink specials, a 12th Man costume contest at halftime, and door prizes.

Of course, for some the Super Bowl experience can only be had in a classic sports bar. While the city is rife with them (and they’ll all be packed), here are a few of my favorites. SPORT by Seattle Center has you covered with as many televisions as is reasonable to pack into one restaurant. 95 Slide on Capitol Hill is named after arguably the greatest moment in Seattle sports history, so there are karmic reasons to go there. St. Andrews in Green Lake is better known for that other kind of football, but boasts a rowdy yet respectful clientele. And if you want to be as close to CenturyLink Field as possible, stand-bys like F.X. McRory’s and Sluggers are sure to be hopping.

Lastly, some of you might be Broncos fans. That’s OK—The Bar Code is an all-inclusive place where fans of any football team can get together, enjoy a few drinks, and watch a well-played, competitive game . . . which the Seahawks win. That said, if you need the company of other Broncos fans (or want to torment them), you could check out El Borracho del Norte on Leary Way, a known Broncos bar.

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