According to the Seattle City Attorney's Office, two Seattle police officers - Marie Gochnour and Sean Moore - have been charged with one count each


Crazy Drunk Off-Duty Seattle Police Officers Arrested in December Charged with Misdemeanor DUI

According to the Seattle City Attorney's Office, two Seattle police officers - Marie Gochnour and Sean Moore - have been charged with one count each of misdemeanor driving under the influence. The charges stem from a mid-December arrest in which both were off-duty. Gochnour registered BACs of .234 percent .247 percent, while Moore blew a .161 and .149.

For those playing at home, those are some incredibly drunk numbers. Moore's reported BAC at the time of his arrest was two times the legal limit, and Gochnour's was a startling three times the legal limit.

As was noted on The Daily Weekly at the time, the arrests came after a suspected hit-and-run accident involving a pole just after midnight on Dec. 17 near First Avenue and Lander. The two off-duty officers were found in Gochnour's vehicle, and at the time SPD Sgt. Sean Whitcomb wrote on the SPD Blotter blog that, "investigators are asking the City Attorney's Office to consider charges of DUI and hit and run for the female off-duty officer, and DUI-physical control and hit and run for the male off-duty officer."

Obviously, those hit-and-run charges never materialized.

"Gochnour's vehicle had heavy damage and it's likely it was involved in a collision at some point before officers arrived on the scene," explains City Attorney's Office Spokesperson Kimberly Mills. "But the investigation did not reveal what property was damaged by a collision."

According to the City Attorney's Office, the officers have been reassigned to desk duty, Gochnour from patrol and Moore from the K9 unit.

As The Daily Weekly noted on Dec. 18, 2012:

Two allegedly shitfaced off-duty Seattle police officers were arrested early Monday morning after a suspected hit-and-run accident just after midnight near First Avenue and Lander. According to a writeup by Sgt. Sean Whitcomb on the SPD Blotter blog, police have "initiated the Office of Professional Accountability (OPA) complaint process," while both arrested officers - a male and a female - have been "reassigned to home."

And judging by the their respective breathalyzer results - a .161 and .149 for the male off-duty officer, and a downright belligerent .234 and .247 for the female cop - perhaps some hangover-nursing time at home is best.

As Whitcomb details in his Blotter blog post, a witness called police after seeing a woman driving a Nissan Altima with front-end damage stop and trade places with her male passenger - with the male jumping behind the wheel. The Altima then drove off, only to be discovered by officers doing an area search for the vehicle a few blocks away - at First Avenue and Brandon. When police pulled up, they say the Altima was running and the male off-duty officer was in the driver's seat. Police say the vehicle was positioned two to three feet away from the curb -- or, as they put it, "in the roadway."

"Upon contacting the pair in the car, officers recognized the occupants as off-duty Seattle Police officers," writes Whitcomb. "It was apparent both off-duty officers had been drinking."

Judging by the narrative police reports, conveniently included via a link in Whitcomb's post, it sure as hell was.

According to a police report filed by officer Jonathan Young Jr. regarding the arrest of the male off-duty officer, cops arrived on the scene after a witness reported seeing the Altima strike a light poll. When confronted by police, the off-duty officer pulled the old "I've only had a couple beers" routine. He soon agreed to engage in some field sobriety tests, while telling police he had no idea how the accident that caused the front-end damage to the Altima had occurred.

Young noted that the suspect's balance seemed off. And, as Young more damningly writes in his report, he "immediately detected the strong odor of intoxicants coming from [the suspect's] breath."

As mentioned above, once back at the SW Precinct for processing the male officer blew a .161 and .149.

Which is very high, as far as BACs go.

And speaking of the off-duty female cop, she was allegedly even more trashed.

In an exhaustive and embarrassment-filled report, SPD officer Chet Decker details the off-duty female cop's total meltdown. With a witness originally putting her behind the wheel of the Altima, her questionable and now very well documented behavior allegedly included normal DUI highlights like slurring, stumbling and smelling of booze, not to mention more unusual transgressions like mistaking a hanging jacket for a person and attempting to engage it in conversation. Also according to Decker's report, the allegedly belligerent off-duty female officer at least once instructed him to "suck my fucking cock," and at one point charged him.

Tucked alongside all the gory details included in Decker's report, this paragraph jumps out and cuts to the heart:

I told her I felt horrible about arresting her but that I didn't have a choice. I also told her in the holding cell area that our discussions and encounters were being videotaped and that I had to write my DUI report later using those videotapes and her comment. This is something I often tell people that I arrest who insult me or act inappropriately. I say this in an attempt to get them to calm down and prevent unfortunate situations from occurring. I tried to get her to recognize the gravity of the situation and that our comments and my report were going to be highly scrutinized by others. I appeared to me that [name redacted] was extremely intoxicated and was unable to control her actions.

Shortly thereafter police say she blew a .234 and .247.

Which is very, very high, as far as BACs go.

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