The McGinn campaign isn't worried about his shitty poll numbers.
Thursday afternoon KING 5 busted out a poll conducted by Survey USA that indicated something


Shocking Development: No One Is Worried About Mayoral Race Poll (Not Even McGinn)

The McGinn campaign isn't worried about his shitty poll numbers.
Thursday afternoon KING 5 busted out a poll conducted by Survey USA that indicated something most already knew: Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn is in for a serious fight if he hopes to see a second term.

Polling 647 registered voters, Survey USA asked which mayoral candidate among the crowded field they'd vote for - including ex-King Count Executive Ron Sims, who has yet to declare his candidacy but is rumored to be seriously considering jumping into the fray. Of these 647 registered voters, a meager 15 percent said they'd support McGinn for reelection - which tied the incumbent for the lead with Sims, but was widely considered to be a weak showing by political insiders.

Behind McGinn and Sims, Tim Burgess pulled 10 percent, Ed Murray garnered 9 percent, Peter Steinbrueck tallied 7 percent, Bruce Harrell mustered 5 percent, Kate Martin held down 3 percent and bow tie-wearing Charlie Staadecker enjoyed 1 perecent. Sadly, no one said they'd vote for David Ishii. Thirty-four percent of respondents reported being undecided.

The margin of error on the poll was 3.9 percent.

Interestingly, if Sims stays out of the race, the Survey USA poll indicated that McGinn would pick up 19 percent of his supporters, while Burgess would get 11 percent, Steinbrueck would get 10 and Ed Murray would pick up 8 percent - although margin of error on this chunk of the poll was 10.2 percent.

How bad was McGinn's showing? Most would tell you that a poll this early in the game - and it's incredibly early - is all about name recognition. (As the incumbent, name recognition should be an area of strength for McGinn.) For comparison purposes, back in July, 2009 - one month before the primary - then-Mayor Greg Nickels was pulling 26 percent support in a similar Survey USA poll.

And we all know how that worked out ...

In other words, the mayor appears to have his work cut out for him - though the crowded field does provided a glimmer of hope in what most consider to be an otherwise dismal picture.

While the news may seem bad for McGinn - and might not feel entirely rosy for the slew of candidates currently polling in the single digits - predictably, all parties involved are painting an upbeat picture.

"We knew as long time politicians got into the race that the primary would be a wide open race," says McGinn campaign consultant John Wyble. "We are excited to talk about the Mayor's accomplishments and what he wants to do in the next four years."

Yep. I'm sure they are. Beats the hell out of talking about these latest poll numbers.

Bruce Harrell New.jpg
Bruce Harrell's campaign is calling it a "wide open" race.
The Harrell campaign is similarly upbeat about its 5 percent showing.

"Four years ago Joe Mallahan and Mike McGinn were polling half of what James Donaldson and Jan Drago were polling," says Monisha Harrell, Bruce's campaign manager. "With a higher percentage of undecided voters this time, it is clear this race is wide open. ... The poll really shows the open field, which is great for us. We are really looking forward to a great race ahead."

Tim Burgess Mug New.jpg
The Tim Burgess campaign says people hate McGinn.
The Burgess campaign, meanwhile, isn't holding back any punches.

"Opinions about the incumbent mayor are pretty set. In 2009, 75 percent of voters were looking for an alternative. It's the same this year. The vast majority of people are very unhappy with McGinn but many don't know where their vote will go yet," says Alex Fryer with the Burgess campaign. "Bottom line: it's early, and Tim is very well-positioned and will have the resources to get out his message. Tim and the campaign are gearing up to work hard in every neighborhood, for every vote. And this poll tells us there's a lot of them up for grab."

Ed Murray Square.jpg
Ed Murray's campaign isn't sweating the fact he only pulled 9 percent support.
The Murray campaign is also seizing on the fact that many voters appear to be undecided at this point, telling Seattle Weekly that once the race heats up they expect the senator's numbers to quickly rise.

"We look at this poll and we see a wide open race," says Murray campaign spokesperson Sandeep Kaushik. "As you'd expect the candidates who are leading right now are the ones with the highest name recognition. We expect our numbers go grow."

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