Women Look Their Oldest At 3:30 p.m. Every Wednesday, a New Study Reveals

Today is the day when women really look their age. More precisely, this Wednesday afternoon at the stroke of 3:30 p.m. That is the bewitching hour when, according to a new study, energy levels droop, work stress peaks and the effects of weekend partying grabs hold. All of this culminates in women looking their oldest.

On the bright side, the study, conducted by the tanning brand St. Tropez as part of its launch of their new anti-ageing products, shows that Thursday is the day they are most likely to feel amorous and have sex.

So, of course, it stands to reason that the youthful rosy glow returns on Friday, the day women find the happiest.

What else does this rather odd study reveal about woeful Wednesday?

A quarter of the women surveyed report feeling stressed several time a week -- but Hump Day is the worst -- and nearly one in five admit they work through Wednesday's lunch hour.

Nearly half the women said they are likely to booze it up on weekends, and, according to St. Tropez skin expert Nicola Joss, the results of the drinking show up 72 hours later.

More than a third of the women said the didn't sleep well on Monday night, which does not bode well, notes Joss, on how the skin will look on Wednesday.

There you have it. Have a happy Wednesday, ladies -- and avoid all mirrors.

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