State Lawmaker Wants to Get Rid of Penny Ante Pot Convictions

In just the past five years, more than 19,000 residents of our fine state have been busted for possession that resulted in misdemeanor pot convictions -- and Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon thinks it's high time to toss them out and let these people clear their records.

To which we say, why the hell not? The stuff's legal, anyway, for criminy sake.

"Maybe we should find a way to help them start over so they don't have this conviction on their record every time they go to apply for a job, or for housing or for eduction," the Seattle Democrat tells KIRO's

"Misdemeanor marijuana convictions are something that the people of Washington don't think should be a crime anymore," Fitzgibbon added. "This is about giving people a second chance. That's the state's interest."

Under Fitzgibbon's bill, a person could cleanse his record by going to judge and simply asking that the conviction be removed from their record.


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