Fun Presidents Day Weekend Fact: Washington Was a Bald Eagle's Worst Nightmare

He killed five of them in one outing, according to his journals.

It's a fun little tidbit included in Ron Chernow's biography of our first president, published in 2010. Washington was a reserved man not disposed to the colorful outbursts of wit and wisdom his revolutionary compatriots were. But the guy was a fucking beast of a man.

When he wrote tailors in London about his pants, he said shit like: "These breeches must be roomy in the seat." He flogged poachers "severely." And when he was in a killing mood?

From Chernow:

"'Hunting again,' (Washington) wrote in March 1768, "and catched a fox with a bobbed tail and cut ears after 7 hours chase in which most of the dogs were worsted.' A month earlier, he recorded that he had killed five mallards and five bald eagles in one day."

bald eagle01.jpg
Washington's majestic quarry
To be fair to old George, back in the day even the most nature-inclined souls saw nothing wrong with pumping some rounds into God's creatures. John James Audubon himself was a crack shot in the marshes.

Still, as Chernow puts it, Washington killing five bald eagles in a day "is a curious triumph for the Father of our Country."

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