Eyman Sticks By 'Lying Whore' Email, Says What Inslee Did Is 'Exponentially Worse' Than Reardon or Holland

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Tim Eyman and his tax-hating buddies, Jack and Mike Fagan, made waves Thursday when they fired off an email calling Governor Jay Inslee a "lying whore." The email came in response to what Eyman and the Fagans consider a displayed openness to raise taxes by the Governor, despite the fact Inslee has previously said he would veto new taxes in Washington state should they reach his desk. As the Seattle Times reports, while Inslee did say he would veto new taxes passed by the legislature, he didn't rule out increasing taxes for transportation, extending current taxes, and indicated he supported the idea of sending a tax measure to the ballot to raise transportation dollars.

While some, including GOP Chairman Kirby Wilbur, have called for Eyman to apologize for the "lying whore" comment - it should come as no surprise that the former Mukilteo watch salesman isn't backing away from his harsh words for Inslee. In fact, he's doubling down, in an email sent out this morning blaming the media for largely ignoring Inslee's alleged lies while it skewered the likes of Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon and Port of Seattle Commissioner Rob Holland.

On Thursday, Reardon announced he would resign at the end of May amidst a sensational Nixonian scandal uncovered by the Everett Herald. Meanwhile, Holland announced recently he would step down from his Port of Seattle Commissioner gig next month, after the Times published a story indicating Holland had misused a Port of Seattle credit card, started a couple failed businesses with a convicted burglar and sex offender, and had a warrant out for his arrest in Pierce County just six months ago for driving with on a suspended license.

Somewhat unbelievably, in today's email Eyman calls Inslee's perceived flip-flopping on taxes a violation of the public's trust that's "exponentially worse" than anything Reardon or Holland may be guilty of.

"In recent weeks, we've seen the power of the press, and the critical role of the press, when it comes to Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon and Port of Seattle Commissioner Rob Holland, both of whom recently resigned," writes Eyman. "In both cases, the media did their jobs, highlighting their multiple violations of the public trust. The fourth estate didn't let up, writing successive, unrelenting stories, combined with scathing editorials. In the process, you sent a message to every elected official that violations of the public trust are completely unacceptable and will be met with constant exposure and moral outrage. ... It was the media fulfilling its mission: holding the people in power accountable. Governor Jay Inslee? Not even close."

"Standing in front of the press corps on January 17th, 24 hours after becoming Governor, Jay Inslee violated the public trust exponentially worse than Reardon and Holland ever did," Eyman continues. "Why was it exponentially worse? Because Inslee's violations of the public trust may end up costing Washington's citizens billions in higher taxes even though these same voters were promised an 'any-tax' veto and no transportation taxes in 2013."

And as for that "lying whore" comment ...

"When it comes to criticizing Inslee in yesterday's email to our supporters, it was a tacit criticism of the media that you've let Inslee off the hook. Was it tough? Yes. Crass? Sure. But nothing would need to be said about Inslee if the press was as morally outraged and incensed by his violations of the public trust on taxes as they were with Reardon and Holland," writes Eyman today. "Worst of all, every politician knows that Lowry got away with it, Gregoire got away with it twice, and now Inslee got away with it too. A few days of bad press, but you get billions in higher taxes. And in the process, the public gets screwed, their taxes go up, and everyone becomes even more cynical."

Never a dull moment with Eyman.

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