White People Like Plastic Bag Ban, People of Color Do Something About It

*Editor's note: The headline above has been edited in response to reasonable criticism. Thanks for the feedback -- dp

Two days ago, the city of Seattle released a survey conducted by Environment Washington outside grocery stores measuring the effects of the plastic bag ban.

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According to the results, an overall 62 percent of people survey agree with the ban, but it's more popular with white people than with people of color.

However, when asked whether the plastic bag ban has prompted customers to bring reusable bags, 60 percent of non-whites said yes, compared to only 51 percent of white people.

In other words, there are those who do and those who preach.

Among other results:

- 50 percent of all customers observed leaving grocery stores had reusable bags and 35 percent had no bags at all.

- The ban was more popular amongst women than men, and young people than old people.

- Movie rental store owners are still assholes, even as their breed disappears faster than paid news bloggers: "Paper bags are harder to pack and less durable than plastic," an anonymous video store owner was quoted as saying in the survey. Don't worry, bub. Those VHS tapes are plenty durable themselves.

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